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Windscribe for iOS offers features that no other VPN does, and you can use them completely free, even with your own VPN servers or other VPN providers!
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Unparalleled Connectivity
Connect on any network, regardless of your location.
Windscribe offers 6 different protocols to choose from, along with over 20 different connection ports.
Latest next-generation VPN protocol that offers record breaking speeds. Connect on 6 different ports.
Offers fastest connection times and high speeds on most networks.
OpenVPN over TCP protocol. Helpful on restrictive networks. Connect on 11 different ports.
OpenVPN over UDP protocol. De facto VPN standard for years. Connect on 6 different ports.
Network Rules
Connect or Disconnect Automatically.
Create custom rules for different Wifi networks. As soon as you enter a new Wifi, Windscribe can do something.This includes automatically connecting or disconnecting from a VPN server, or connecting via a specific protocol.
One-of-a-kind customizable server-side domain and IP blocking tool
Select which block lists you wish to apply on all devices by toggling a single switch.
Block Ads & Trackers
Nobody likes being tracked or seeing ads. Stop it.
Prevent Infections
If you can’t access evil domains, you can’t get infected. Simple.
Custom Access Rules
Block lists are not 1 size fits all. Customize them to your liking.
Browse Faster
50% of an average website is ads and trackers. Blocking them makes pages load faster.
Other Features
Strict No-Logging Policy
Encrypts your Data
Import and Connect to your own VPN Config
Servers in over 69 Countries & 112 Cities
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